Purchasing real estate requires several levels of trust. That’s why we provide several options to purchase from us.

The Preferred Option:
We will email you a link to sign a Purchase and Sales Agreement via SignNow, a simple tool that enables you to sign documents online without the need for printing or scanning. Once the Purchase and Sales Agreement has been completed please send the purchase amount plus the $249 doc fee to Earthly Acres. We accept cashier's check, money order, or various money transfer apps including PayPal (preferred). After the purchase amount has cleared, Earthly Acres will then transfer the deed into your name and record the deed with the county on your behalf. After it’s been recorded (up to 36 hrs later) we will email you a copy of the deed that has been stamped by the county recorder and is now in your name. At that point the deal is done and the property is officially yours!

The Title Company Option:
There is always the option to close with a title company. However, due to the low return on our investments (we’re passing the savings to you!) the cost of a title company would cut too deep into profits. It is for that reason that the buyer and seller fees associated with a title company closing would be the buyers responsibility. Typically that would cost about $500+ and take up to a couple weeks. Of course we would waive the $249 doc fee.

Owner Financing Option:
If you elect Owner Financing, we will email you a link to sign a Terms Agreement via SignNow. At which point you have 7 days to sign the document and send the down payment and doc fee. The first monthly payment would be due on the following first of the month. After the balance of the Terms Agreement has been paid in full we will close the deal utilizing your choice of either The Preferred or Title Company Option.

Please let us know which option you would like to choose so we can get started on the paperwork right away.


Every property sold comes with a 60 day guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, Earthly Acres will refund your money back no questions asked.

Thank you!
Jesse D. Marchand

Earthly Acres


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