How Did You Get My Information?
All the information we collect is from public county records. Specifically, all private vacant property owners are registered with the county in which their property is located. This information is available to the public and searchable.

How Does Earthly Acres Determine Their Offer Price?
We calculate our offers based on several factors. We collect the most recently sold data closest to your property from several resources including several real estate advertising sites (Zillow, Refin, Trulia, Etc), and directly from the county in which your property is located. Then we use that data and adjust it to best fit your property's features including size, location, topography, road and utility proximity, etc. From there we create an offer that we believe we appease the seller and still yield a profit. Counteroffers are welcome but not guaranteed.

How Long Does It Take For You To Purchase My Property?

Most closings can occur in as little as 7 days. However, others may take several weeks or even a month or two. For smaller properties, we can typically close in-house, allowing us to buy your property quickly as there isn’t a title company involved. However, with larger properties, we generally elect to use a title company to complete the transaction. Although title companies may take several weeks to facilitate a transaction, their use is imperative in transactions larger than $5,000.00.

Will Earthly Acres Still Purchase My Property With Back Taxes Or Liens?

Absolutely! As long as they are within reason and don't exceed the original offer price too dramatically.

If your question was not answered here please email Miranda K., our Acquisitions Manager, anytime at Miranda.k@EarthlyAcres.com or Maggie S., our Marketing & Sales Manager at Maggie.S@EarthlyAcres.com.

Thank you!

Jesse D. Marchand

Earthly Acres, LLC