The Selling Process

If you received an Offer to Purchase Agreement from us (or you found our website) than we are interested in purchasing your vacant land! Please complete the Purchase Agreement and either scan it and email it to or mail it back to the address on the letter. Please be sure to include your email and phone number for the quickest response. Once we have received the Purchase Agreement back we will immediately reach out to you and begin our due diligence process. We’ll dive a little deeper into researching your property and determine items like back taxes or liens (if there are any), location, and road access. After we have completed the due diligence we will contact you again and if everything looks good, we can close on the deal as soon as possible.


The Preferred Option:

This preferred option is the quickest and simplest way to receive payment for your property. Earthly Acres will email you a Warranty Deed to print out and bring to a notary to have signed (your bank provides one for free). Afterwards, please mail the Warranty Deed back to Earthly Acres. Once the Deed is received we will immediately send you a check for the full purchase price. At that point our transaction is complete and you are now burden free and a little bit richer!


The Notary Option:

While Earthly Acres is built on honesty and transparency we understand sellers reservations to sign over their Deed without cash in hand first. That’s why we provide The Notary Option. With this option we will contact a mobile notary in your local area and send them the Warranty Deed and the purchase check ahead of time. The notary will then contact you to setup a time and location to sign the Deed and exchange it for the purchase check. After the meeting, the notary will mail the Deed back to us. Once again, at that point our transaction is complete and you are now burden free and a little bit richer!

Please note: Because we only make a small profit on the resale of these properties (we pass the savings to onto you) the cost of the mobile notary will be the sellers responsibility. Typically this cost about $50-$100. We will make every attempt to negotiate the best price we can on your behalf with the notary.

Thank you!

Jesse D. Marchand

Earthly Acres, LLC